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Karen Bradford Anderson 
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Karen Bradford

Your  home is one of your largest investments...

            don't sell it as it is.....sell it at it's best! 
Home staging in Dallas, TX

Staging a Home for Sale

In order to create a lasting impression and ensure the highest price possible from prospective buyers, it is extremely important that your  home looks it’s very best - inside and out.  Staging a home for sale is merchandising a home to appeal to a large variety of buyers.  Furniture is moved around,  personal pictures and collections are removed, and a few accessories are added to create a warm and inviting space in which buyers can visualize themselves living.  This is merchandising at its best and you will be amazed with the results!

 3  Reasons to Stage a Property before Listing

1.Studies show that buyers form their opinion about a home within the first fifteen seconds. This means that sellers have one opportunity to grab the attention of potential buyers and draw them into the home. 

2.The best results are achieved when a home for sale is priced right and when it looks and feels appealing.  Sellers can’t control the home’s location, how many bathrooms there are, and the size of the backyard. However, they can address two crucial marketing elements: 

Packaging and Pricing =


3.Statistics show that sharply priced and well staged homes usually sell 38 % faster and at a higher price than similar non-staged homes.

My business has been built around helping clients get their home to the top of a buyers short list.