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Here they are...a few of my  staging trade secrets I've learned through experience and loads of research.

Use Wisely!

Top Ten Staging Ideas and Tips

1. Enhance Drive-by Appeal.   In a market with an oversupply of property, curb appeal is very important.  Place a new coconut fiber/coir doormat outside entry door and back door.  Change out tarnished light fixtures and 80’s looking doorbells.  Keep all lawns neatly mowed, trimmed, watered and green.  Add dark brown mulch, trim shrubbery, and add flowers for texture and interest.  Sweep all cobwebs out of front entryway.  This is where the buyer has a few minutes to look around while the realtor opens the lock box.  This has to be pristine!

2.Create a “WOW!” factor upon entry to the home.  Most buyers develop an attitude toward a home within the first fifteen seconds, which is then reinforced by everything else they encounter during their tour.  The front entryway of a home needs to be open, warm and inviting.  I can't say it enough - this has to be a space that invites buyers into the home.  Turn on lights, get table lamps, fresh flowers and furnishings if necessary - make this space great!  Remember: use secondary lighting such as table lamps, uplights, etc.  to create a sense of warmth in a home.

3.Buyers “profile” sellers based upon neatness.  Unclutter and clean up areas which normally would be cluttered and sloppy.  Areas such as:  master bedroom closets, pantrys, laundry rooms are all key when staging a home.  Windows, vents, carpets, walls, closets, bathrooms, kitchens and even fireplaces and ceiling fans should be spotless and free of dust and debris.  It’s a no brainer: there is a 872% return on money invested in cleaning and decluttering a home!

If you found these tips helpful and informative, please give me a call to schedule a staging consultation.  We will discuss these ideas and others specific to your home to get it staged and sold.

Happy Staging!

Did you know there are 3 rooms that really sell  a home? 
Master Bedroom
Master Bathroom